An Emergency Dentist Treats All Patients Affected by an Unexpected Dental Issue

An Emergency Dentist Treats All Patients Affected by an Unexpected Dental Issue

December 1, 2020

Dental emergencies can affect anyone, with all affected individuals having a single aim to contact an emergency dentist to get treatment for their issues. Suppose you are unsure of the problem affecting you and wonder whether the issue is an emergency or can wait until you see your regular dentist. In that case, it will help if you called 911 and inquired with the call taker whether you need emergency assistance from a dental clinic.

Emergency dentists treat all patients approaching them. Some will see the patient within 24 hours to ensure the patient’s ongoing oral health and protect their teeth and jaws. Some dentists may not accommodate a patient within 24 hours for lack of time. However, most will offer instructions on managing the emergency by discussing the patient’s situation and providing instructions on how to maintain their oral health until they can visit an emergency dentist.

Emergency dentistry is not a specialized field in the dental profession. It is a specialty that dentists offer for the general public whenever they encounter issues like cracked or broken teeth, severe tooth pain, and other issues. Let us look at how people can manage dental emergencies.

How to Manage Dental Emergencies until You Get to the Dentist?

How you manage your specific situation will depend on the kind of problem you are confronting.

  • If you have a knocked-out tooth, you must make all efforts to keep it moist. You can attempt to place the tooth back into its socket by initially rinsing it in clean water without touching the roots. If the tooth cannot be put into its socket, you can try holding it between your cheeks and gums. Contact the emergency dentist in Phoenix, AZ, right away for an appointment. If you get to the dentist within 30 minutes, a knocked-out tooth is reinserted back into its socket by the dentist.
  • If your tooth has cracked, you must rinse your mouth with warm water and attempt to clean the area as best as you can. Use a cold compress on your cheeks to avoid spelling from flaring up.
  • If you bite your tongue or lip severely, you should clean the area before applying a cold compress to prevent swelling. You can either contact the Phoenix dentist for advice or, if the bleeding is excessive, go to an emergency room to treat the condition.
  • If a severe toothache affects you, rinsing your mouth immediately with warm water will prove helpful. You can look for food trapped between your teeth and try to remove it with the floss, if possible. Contact Brookstone dental to determine how you can overcome the severe toothache and schedule an appointment with them to have your condition evaluated.
  • If objects are trapped between your teeth, do not attempt to remove them with sharp instruments. Dental floss is what you must use to eliminate sharp objects from between your teeth.

What Kind of Dental Emergencies Need Prompt Attention?

Every dental emergency requires prompt attention from a dental professional and none other. For example, a severe toothache is often a result of dental problems like cavities, gum disease, root complications, or cracked teeth. The toothache could also be a result of TMJ issues or from chewing hot or cold food. In such instances, dentists must perform a thorough exam by utilizing dental x-rays to determine the underlying cause of the toothache. It helps them to decide whether the discomfort is originating from within the tooth or elsewhere.

A dental emergency resulting in a painless cracked tooth also requires prompt attention from a dentist but can wait for a couple of days to see your regular dentist instead of an emergency dentist. Your regular dentist must fill the crack to ensure it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria that can invade your tooth and create various complications.

You must seek attention for any dental emergency either from your regular dentist or an emergency dentist. However, it will help if you understand the emergency services are not exactly affordable, and prompt assistance will undoubtedly cost you more. Emergency dental clinics are open for everyone, even beyond office hours. If dental professionals cannot see you, they will provide adequate instructions on how to manage the emergency and accommodate you for an appointment as soon as possible.

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