Can I Drink Coffee While Wearing Invisalign?

September 1, 2022

Invisalign allows people to get straight teeth in no time. Since aligners are clear, they are barely noticeable to others. It also makes them less invasive as compared to the traditional braces. Invisalign treatment uses see-through plastic trays to reposition teeth. One of the major benefits is that they can still enjoy their favorite drinks and foods after the treatment. If you are a coffee lover, you might be wondering whether you can drink it with the plastic aligner. So, let’s find it out.

Can I Drink it through a Straw with a Tray Inside the Mouth?

No, the dental experts do not recommend people to drink it via a straw while wearing the aligner tray. Although using a straw can reduce warping and staining, it cannot get rid of the side effects of the joe.

Do You Have to Brush Your Teeth After Drinking it with Invisalign In?

For drinking joe, you need to take the aligners out. After finishing it, it is vital to brush your teeth. Ensure you wash your plastic aligners before placing them back into the mouth.

Why I Should Not Drink Joe While Wearing Aligners?

Below are the reasons why having joe with an aligner is not a good idea:

1. Staining

Joe contains staining compounds. It will discolor your aligner tray and teeth with time.

2. Heat

Aligners are manufactured using thermoplastic material. It means they are sensitive to heat. So, they become flexible once heated. Drinking hot joe could make the aligner tray bend.

3. Cavities

Joe is acidic. Therefore, when you drink, it makes you prone to cavities. Unless you have a joe without sugar and a black joe, sugar and some sweetening agent will be present in it. Drinking it while wearing plastic aligners makes the sugar settle on the teeth and around the tray.

4. Bad Breath

Joe makes the mouth dry and results in a coffee breath. However, taking it while wearing the clear plastic aligners will make the breath even worse than that.

Tips That Caffeine Lovers Must Follow

Take the following steps into your mind while wearing Invisalign:

1. Finish it Within 15 Minutes to Half an Hour

Try to drink joe quickly. It will reduce the time that the trays are out of your mouth. For the best results, it is vital to wear your device for 20 to 22 hours daily.

2. Limit Sugar and Cream

Avoid joe with sugar and cream because they lead to cavities during your treatment. Instead, switch to black joe.

3. Eliminate and Store Your Aligners Safely Before Having a Joe

Before you take a sip of your morning joe, eliminate your trays and wash them. Then, properly store the tray in the protected case to keep them safe from accidental damage or loss.

4. Adhere to Teeth Brushing After Drinking it and Before Putting the Aligner

Brushing or washing teeth with water or mouthwash will eliminate joe and sugar left in your mouth. It will eradicate coffee breath and prevent the buildup of stains and cavities. After your teeth become clean, wash your aligner tray before putting it back into the mouth.

What Happens If You Drink Joe with Clear AlignerTray?

Colored liquids such as soda, tea, joe, etc. lead to discoloration on the aligners with time. It means the dark shade of joe will put stains on the plastic aligner. Also, the heat released from it can damage the aligner. This makes it tough to get in and out of the mouth. The most appropriate method is to eliminate your device when consuming anything.

Remember, you can safely have joe and tea when undergoing this orthodontic treatment. However, you must avoid them while wearing the trays. But it is essential to place the tray back in your mouth to accomplish the desired outcome in the predicted time frame.

Your orthodontist at the dental care will tell you how many hours you need to wear the tray daily and when to switch to a new aligner tray. Taking the plastic aligner out for more than two hours does not provide the best outcome as intended. For more data about orthodontic treatment, speak to the orthodontist at Brookstone Dental Care today.

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