Choosing A Dental Bridge Explained In 3 Steps

Choosing A Dental Bridge Explained In 3 Steps

March 1, 2019

Do you have bite problems? Have you lost a tooth or some teeth? Your dentist must have suggested you to get dental bridges for you. Let’s get an overview regarding dental bridges.

Dental Bridge

When you have a gap that’s causing your other teeth to become loose or you have already lost a tooth then dental bridges are the best restorative measure. The dental bridge in Phoenix, AZ will replace your natural teeth or tooth, creating a natural appearance while helping to restore the tooth.

Types Of Dental Bridges in Phoenix

  • Traditional dental bridges: This type is most popular choice. Traditional dental bridges are usually small, lightweight and provide excellent chewing comfort, by re-distributing your normal bite force compromised by your missing teeth.
  • Maryland bonded bridges: This type uses metal or porcelain ‘wings’ on either side of the bridge and is bonded to existing teeth. This options is generally done for missing front teeth.
  • Cantilever bridges: This type of bridge is used when there are adjacent teeth only on one side of the missing tooth or teeth or when the space from the missing tooth is small.

Dental bridges provide adjacent tooth strength and make your facial structure better and keep it intact. Dentist in 85032 says that a missing tooth is a really serious matter. Teeth are actually made to work as a team, one tooth loss can make other adjacent teeth to shift or tilt. This situation can adversely affect your bite. There are chances of bone shrinking if there’s a missing tooth. Dental bridges done by dentist near Phoenix AZ are said to last a long time with proper care and maintenance.

Your best dentist in Phoenix will recommend you to take care of your bridges. A dental bridge can be a failure if you have damaged jawbone or teeth because of some oral disease. Follow these tips to avoid any kind of oral diseases:

  • Brush twice and floss once daily
  • You can and should clean under and beside the bridge.
  • Have regular dental visits
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet
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