Conditions That Warrant Tooth Extraction

Conditions That Warrant Tooth Extraction

February 12, 2019

Tooth extraction is the process of removing your tooth surgically from the bone. The best dentist in Phoenix can help in finding you the best option for replacing the tooth in case you undergo tooth extraction.

The tooth extraction can become mandatory because of a variety of underlying conditions such as:

Decayed teeth

The dentist tries to treat your decayed tooth with the help of a filling or root canal procedure. If the tooth is beyond damage, extraction may be needed. The process can vary depending on the specific needs of patient.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure. At times, the wisdom teeth become impacted to other teeth in your mouth, pushing them aside. It can also make your smile crooked. Your wisdom tooth can get infected to lead to crowding in your mouth. Irrespective of the reason, you may need tooth extraction.

Crowded teeth

Sometimes, tooth extraction may be required to prepare you for an orthodontic treatment. If you are considering getting your teeth straightened, the orthodontist may suggest you to get a tooth extracted so that enough room can be made for straight teeth and flawless smile.


If the tooth is infected due to decay, it may need to be extracted on the basis of severity of the infection. In some cases, the decay can be treated with the help of root canal therapy, says dentist in Phoenix AZ.

The anesthesia that will be administered to you will depend on the nature of tooth extraction. It’s only after administering anesthesia, the dentist will perform the procedure. The dentist near 85032 will also give some instructions regarding the recovery process and precautionary measures to be followed during the recovery phase. You may be suggested to cut off certain foods from your diet along with modifying your teeth cleaning process.

The replacement options for the extracted tooth are many. One of the most common options is bridges which covers the gap between your teeth. You can also get partial or full dentures. The dentist will suggest you the appropriate option for you.

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