Interesting Facts About Sedation Dentistry

Interesting Facts About Sedation Dentistry

April 1, 2020

What Is Sedation Dentistry

Research shows that about 10% of the entire population suffers dental phobia. This is crippling fear of the dental clinic and anything to do with the dentist. For others the fear and anxiety still exists but not enough to stop them from getting professional help. The anxiety could be associated with anticipation of pain or the uncertainty of the outcome of the treatment. To help make dental exams and treatments comfortable and relaxing for patients, the practice of sedation dentistry was adopted from as early as 2250BCE. Over the years the practice has metamorphosized to what it currently is, providing patients with a range of sedation options.

Sedation dentistry is also referred to as ‘sleep dentistry’, although this is not literally accurate as some types of sedation leave you fully awake during treatment. The main goal is sedation is usually to keep you relaxed and numb so that you can comfortably sit through a dental procedure and without any pain. The type of sedation offered will usually depend on individual factors such as level of fear and the goal of the procedure.

Types of Sedation

The type of sedative administered to a patient will be determined by your dentist, following a comprehensive exam of your situation. At Brookstone Dental Care in Phoenix, AZ, we provide individualized consultations to help determine the right choice of sedative. Our skilled and friendly staff will also educate you on the pros and cons of different sedatives so that you are also able to understand the impact of your choice. Commonly used sedation types of our include;

  • Oral Sedatives – Usually offered an hour before treatment and as the name suggests, you have to take some medication orally. There is a range of drugs used for this method and one common one is Haicion.
  • IV Sedatives – Administration is via an IV line that is inserted on the arm. The great thing with this method is that I easy for dentist to adjust the dose depending on need. It also takes effect very fast which makes it ideal for emergency cases.
  • Gas Inhalation – You will need to wear a gas mask that allows breathe in a sedating gas called nitrous oxide. Levels of gas can be adjusted according to needs. Gas sedation also wears off relatively fast, making it suitable for brief procedures.
  • General Anesthesia – This sedation completely knocks you off so that you remain unconscious throughout the procedure. it is mostly used in extensive procedures like dental surgery and takes some time to completely wear off. Patients will also have no recollection of whatever procedure that was being performed on them.

Is It Safe?

For most patients, sedation is safe. However, before being given any type of sedation, your candidacy will be carefully evaluated by the dentist. To ensure no compliactions when considering sedation, always ensure that you are working with a well-trained and certified dentist. Also be honest when providing your medical history and background and be informed of the implications so as to make an educated choice. At our dental clinic, we keep tack of all your vital signs while you are under sedation, just to make sure you are alright.


By removing fear and anxiety in the dental space, both the patient and dentist enjoy a number of advantages.

  • Keeps patients relaxed and numb during dental procedures.
  • Allow the dentist work faster and efficiently as you are calm.
  • Makes it possible for more work to be done thus reducing number of appointments needed for a single treatment.
  • It is safe and with minimal side-effects if any.
  • Allows patients with extreme dental phobia to still get dental treatment.

Risk/Side Effects

If a proper candidacy review was performed, the side effects of sedation are bearable. Most people usually experience headaches, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and dry mouth. These effects are expected to completely wear off after a few days. However, if the effects persist, you can notify your dentist for further advice.

Regularly visiting your dentist will help keep your smile beautiful and healthy. So do not let fear of the dentist stop you from giving us a call or booking your appointment today!

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