Oral Cancer: Protection & Early Detection

Oral Cancer: Protection & Early Detection

May 16, 2019

Oral cancer is serious and can be as fatal as any other form of cancer, and needs to be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. It’s a known thing that cancer is treated better at an early stage. However if you are well informed and have a well experienced and reliable dentist like the one at Brookstone Dental Care to treat you as soon as it’s diagnosed, then your chances of survival and cure gets higher.

To understand the disease better, you must know what could be deemed as a probable sign of cancer in oral cavity.

Signs and symptoms

The Signs of oral cancer are as follows:

  • If a sore throat condition does not heal
  • If there is numbness in mouth
  • Unexplained bleeding from mouth
  • Feeling of lump in the throat
  • Sore spots in mouth
  • Loose fitting teeth
  • Pain in tongue
  • White or red colored sore spots inside mouth
  • Occurrence of a thick lining inside oral cavity
  • Sudden misfit of dentures
  • Pain in jaw and stiffness during chewing

Now, all of these symptoms listed above are confusing above, and many may be felt in case of cold sores or a gum disease. Only a dentist in Phoenix can exactly tell the difference and do an exact diagnosis.

Why one gets oral cancer?

There are some causes of oral cancer which are as follows:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Excessive use of tobacco
  • Heredity
  • Too much of sun exposure
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) presence in body

Quite interestingly 25% of cancer victims have never touched alcohol, chewed tobacco or smoked in lifetime, and still gets the disease sadly.

Treatment for the disease

Treatment for the disease can be started after diagnosis, and for diagnosis you need to visit a Dentist 85032. The dentist would take sample of cells from your affected area to get it tested. If you are diagnosed with cancer then the doctor would put you through the required mode of treatment. Depending upon the spread and stage of the disease, patients are given radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. And with proper treatment the survival rate in such cases is 81%. Hence you always have hope when right after the occurrence of symptoms you query for ‘dentist near me’, and get yourself checked for treating oral cancer if any.

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