What to Do Before and After a Tooth Filling

What to Do Before and After a Tooth Filling

November 1, 2023


When it comes to dental procedures, getting a tooth filled is one of the most common treatments you might encounter. Whether it’s to address a cavity or repair a damaged tooth, a tooth filling can help restore your dental health. However, knowing what to expect during and after tooth filling and how to prepare can alleviate any concerns you might have. In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential steps to take before and after a tooth-filling procedure.

Before a Tooth Filling

  1. Choose the Right Dentist in Phoenix

The first step in your journey to a successful tooth filling is to find a reputable dentist in Phoenix who specializes in dental fillings. If you’re looking for a dentist near you, consider Brookstone Dental Care for their expertise and experience in providing high-quality dental services.

  1. Discuss Your Options

Once you’ve found the right dental office near you, it’s essential to have a conversation with your dentist about your options. There are various types of dental fillings, including amalgam (silver) fillings, composite (white) fillings, and more. Your dentist will help you choose the most suitable material based on your dental needs and preferences.

  1. Understand the Procedure

Before the actual tooth-filling appointment, make sure you have a clear understanding of the procedure. Your dentist will provide details about what you will encounter throughout the procedure, including any potential discomfort. This knowledge can help ease any anxiety you might have.

  1. Follow Pre-Appointment Instructions

Your dentist may provide specific instructions to follow before your tooth-filling appointment. It could include fasting (if you’ll be receiving sedation), avoiding certain medications, or other guidelines to ensure a smooth procedure.

During and After Tooth Filling

  1. Local Anesthesia

For a dental filling procedure, your dentist will apply local anesthesia to the gum area encircling the tooth that’s being treated to maintain your comfort and ensure a pain-free experience as the filling is placed.

  1. Removal of Decay

If you’re getting a filling to address a cavity, your dentist will start by removing the decayed portion of the tooth. This is a crucial step in preventing the cavity from spreading further.

  1. Tooth Filling Placement

Once the dentist has removed the decayed area, they will proceed to seal the cavity using a dental material of choice. They will then carefully contour and polish the filling to ensure it fits seamlessly and mimics the look of your natural teeth.

  1. Post-Treatment Care

After the tooth filling is in place, you may experience some temporary numbness, but this will wear off within a few hours. It’s essential to follow any post-treatment care instructions provided by your dentist. This may include:

Refrain from consuming food or beverages for the designated time advised if your treatment involved a composite filling that needs to set properly under a specialized curing light. Be cautious with hot or cold foods and beverages, as your tooth may be sensitive for a short time. Upholding excellent dental cleanliness through consistent brushing and interdental cleaning.

What to Do After a Tooth Filling

  1. Monitor Sensitivity

Feeling a bit of sensitivity in the tooth that has been filled is typical post-treatment. Nonetheless, should this sensitivity continue or intensify, it’s important to get in touch with your Phoenix dentist to schedule a subsequent consultation.

  1. Resume Normal Diet and Oral Care

After the numbness dissipates, you are free to return to your usual dietary habits and dental care regimen. However, be gentle while brushing and flossing around the filled tooth, especially if it’s sensitive.

  1. Attend Follow-Up Appointments

Your dental practitioner might arrange a subsequent visit to examine the filling and verify its proper function. It’s essential to attend these appointments to address any issues promptly.

  1. Report Any Problems

If you notice any problems with your tooth filling, such as pain or a change in your bite, or if the filling comes loose, contact your dentist in Phoenix immediately for an evaluation.


A dental filling is a routine treatment designed to repair your dental health and relieve any pain or discomfort from cavities or tooth injury. For the best results, it’s important to select a qualified Phoenix dentist, comprehend the steps involved in the treatment, and adhere strictly to the guidelines provided before and after the procedure. With the expert care provided by professionals like those at Brookstone Dental Care, you can look forward to a healthy, restored smile and continued oral well-being. Dental fillings are a simple yet vital part of maintaining your dental health, and with the right approach, you can smile confidently, knowing you’re taking the best care of your teeth.


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