What to Do Before Getting Implant?

What to Do Before Getting Implant?

March 1, 2023

Implants are the best possible treatment to retain your missing smile. If you are seeking a permanent smile solution, they are the apt one for you. There would be many people who always have concerns about what treatment involves.

Here we will bring all the information you should know before going for the implants. A dental implant is a surgical procedure that will have so many steps. For professional information, you should consult with a dentist near you.

Preparations Steps Before an Implant

Read below to know the things you must do before getting the implant surgery.

Proper Examination

It is the most crucial step that your dentist will move ahead with. In this phase, he/she will conduct X-rays to get an exact estimate of your oral health.

Here your dentist will make an advanced plan for your implant surgery. It is the phase where he/she will prepare you for the surgery. The dentist will check for your medical history. If you have some medical issues, the professional will find the most suitable solution for your medical condition.

The best example of such a preparation phase is – If you are a diabetic patient and require dental surgery, your dentist will advise you to maintain your sugar level. He/she will perform surgery when all the requirements are set like the sugar level, blood pressure, etc.

In the case of chronic diseases, if you are already taking a few medications, the dentist will ensure that they will not interfere with them. Implants surgery is not suitable for everyone. People with poor oral health and weak jawbones are not the perfect candidates for this particular surgery. Some people have weak immune systems. So, dentists will build their immune systems by using antibiotics before performing implant surgery on them.

Course of Antibiotics

After a deep examination, your dentist will ensure you bear the surgery. In this phase, your dentist will start an antibiotic course. It will boost your immune system to endure implant surgery.

Preparing Your Jaw Bone

Implants are made of metals and require a strong jawline. If the condition of your jawbone is not good, there might be a possibility of failure. Usually, there are minimal chances for implant failure. It’s because, in the initial examination, your dentist will conclude whether you are appropriate to have the implant.

After making some corrections, if they find your jawbone can be made adaptable for implants, they will perform some basic treatments on your jawbone. These treatments may include grafting and reshaping.


Getting implants placed inside your mouth is not enough. To ensure they survive, aftercare steps are equally important. You should follow the instructions and medications prescribed by your dentist. These instructions may include:

  • Eating soft food
  • Taking breaks from your hectic routines.
  • Taking proper rest.
  • Not doing excessive physical activities.

Scheduling an appointment with our Phoenix dentist is crucial to check if the implant placement is perfect. If there is any problem, it requires identification to end future dental health complications immediately.

Impacts of Having Implants

If we talk about implants, they are usually positive and can return your lost smile permanently. They are becoming popular because of their long-lasting characteristics. They are fixed inside your mouth. So once they get installed, there are no chances for their removal and loss issues that are very common in the case of dentures.

One implant can replace up to three adjacent teeth. You will require four or more implants to get a full mouth replacement. If you want your full-length natural smile from just one dental treatment, dental implants in Phoenix are one you must choose. Implants are durable. Also, you don’t need to pay extra attention. Regular flossing and brushing are enough for their care.

They look very much similar to your natural teeth. Once you have the restoration inside your mouth, they enhance your appearance and make your face look fuller. And because of their natural looks, they are hard to conclude as artificial.

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