July 16, 2019

Extreme tooth pain can be an obvious sign of severe tooth decay or cavity. General decay can be treated with dental treatments but if the decay exceeds, it can’t be treated without extraction. In these cases, tooth extraction is important. Dentist in Phoenix does their best to save the tooth but if nothing can help, extraction is the only option left. After this, other dental treatment can be suggested to obtain the right tooth function.

A dangerous infection

If your tooth is infected because of decay, it may cause severe pain. If not treated at right time, it may further exceed other teeth to cause severe damage. In such cases, tooth extraction is also essential because the decay would also put your physical health at risk. The decay which has deeply affected your teeth can spread to other parts of body causing issues to your overall health.

Severe pain

Extreme pain is a clear sign that the damage to the teeth is severe. In such cases, one must immediately opt for the extraction of decayed tooth. If extraction is not obtained at right time, the pain would persist and patient will suffer from pain in the long run. In case of severe pain in teeth, one must consult dentist at 85032 immediately without delay. A dentist can further suggest implant or other dental options as solution for missing tooth.

If the tooth is severely damaged or compromised

Other than tooth decay, there can be many other reasons for extraction of tooth. Sometimes, tooth may break or damage due to accident or injury and in such situations, it is hard to restore or save it. In such cases, extraction could be the only suitable option. Further many doctors also suggest extraction in case of an extremely discolored tooth. If you have severe damage or injury in your tooth, you must not delay extraction.

If you think that tooth extraction is the only solution for your dental issue, you must search dentist near me to know about it.

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