Why You Should Choose Dental Sedation for Your Child?

Why You Should Choose Dental Sedation for Your Child?

September 1, 2019

It is common to have queries about dental sedation. The team at Brookstone Dental Care lists some common questions and answers below.

How can dental sedation be helpful to my child?

Most of the children are afraid of visiting a dentist. Some of them do not understand the importance of the treatment or procedure and refuse to cooperate with the dentist during the treatment. Few children suffering from down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy or other similar conditions face difficulty during dental treatment. Some kids undergoing dental treatment are left overwhelmed by the end of the process. They find dental appointments tiring, and look for ways to skip the visit.

Dental sedation provides a solution for every child who faces difficulty when visiting a dentist or undergoing dental treatment. Brookstone Dental Care specializes in sedation dentistry.

Are there any risk factors involved with dental sedation?

People understand the risks involved with medical and oral procedures. It can be troublesome to engage in a procedure without knowing the risk that it entails. Dentists at Brookstone Dental care are mindful of this issue. They address your issues and review the risks one by one so that you are not left with any doubts by the end of the session. Dental sedation has a certain amount of risk involved. But rest assured, because Brookstone Dental Care prioritizes safety and comfort of your child over everything else. They adhere to the guidelines prescribed by authorized authorities.

How do I decide whether my child needs dental sedation or not?

A pediatric dentist can assist you in deciding whether your child needs dental sedation or not. He will go through the child’s medical reports, study child’s X-rays and then recommend you whether receiving dental sedation will be advantageous for your child. You can easily find a dentist in phoenix for consultation.

Are there different levels of sedation administered to the child?

The different levels of sedation are described as follows:

  • Mild Sedation: During this level, patients follow the verbal commands of the dentist. This level of sedation affects coordination and cognitive functions but has negligible effects on heart functions and breathing.
  • Moderate Sedation: During this level, even though patients respond to the verbal commands of the dentist, they are not very conscious.
  • Deep Sedation: During this level, patients are hardly conscious of their surroundings. They keep falling in slumber. Dentists need to arouse the patient through repeated stimulations which can be painful at times. Normal breathing is impaired; hence the dentist makes an open airway for the ease of the patient.
  • General Anaesthesia: During this level, no level of stimulation can arouse patients from the deep slumber. They lose all consciousness of their surroundings. Heart function also gets impaired.

How long will the effect of the sedation take to wear off?

The time required for the effect of the sedation to wear off depends on the dose that has been administered to you by the dentist. It also depends upon the duration of the treatment and the ability of your body to recover from its effects. It is advisable that when you bring your child for dental sedation, you should stay until the end. It is because sedation causes drowsiness and your child might feel restless and uneasy by the end of it. If you need a dentist who specializes in sedation dentistry, look for a dentist in 85032.

What are the benefits of going for dental sedation?

Benefits of dental sedation are as follows:

  • Relief from anxiety: Most of the children are nervous about visiting a dentist and undergoing dental treatment. Dental sedation helps them in getting rid of the anxiety. It allows the children to undergo dental treatment with ease and zero hassles.
  • Relief from Pain: Some of the dental procedures can be painful. Children are apprehensive of needles and try every method possible to skip a visit to the dentist. Sedation removes the pain completely as the brain is unable to register pain. Due to this, sedation dentistry is becoming a popular and the most preferred method of treatment.

If you have a kid, who avoids visiting the dentist, you need to go for sedation dentistry. Google ‘dentist near me’ and you will come across many dentists who specialize in this field. You can go to Brookstone Dental Care. They have a team of experts who tend to the needs of the patients. Book an appointment now.

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