Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal/Gum Disease Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

The treatments a dentist or a periodontist will recommend depend upon the severity of the disease. The dental healthcare professionals at Brookstone Dental Care, located in Phoenix, strive to educate their patients, both new and returning, on the treatment options for gum disease. We proudly serve patients from all over the Northern Phoenix area, including Desert Ridge, North Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley.

Continue reading to learn more about the options we can offer you for periodontal treatment, or give us a call today. For gum disease treatment in Phoenix book an appointment with a dentist at Brookstone Dental Care.

Non-Surgical Treatment

The dentist in 85032 will begin with a deep cleaning involving scaling and root planing. This procedure is often effective in treating a minor case of a periodontal condition. A deep cleaning involves the scraping of all plaque above and below the gum line, and from any rough areas on the surface of teeth. All bacteria will be removed, along with the areas where bacteria gather.

Although a deep cleaning is not as invasive as surgery, there may be some bleeding and swelling. Typically, though, a patient can resume normal eating and drinking later the same day.

The dentist may prescribe oral or local antibiotics. Antibiotics are not enough to treat even mild cases of any periodontal condition, but they help with the effectiveness of scaling and planing. There may be other medications like a prescribed mouth rinse, antiseptic chips or an enzyme suppressant.

Surgical Pocket Reduction

This procedure is to clean all tartar and plaque in deep pockets and to eliminate these areas to prevent future infections. Healthcare professionals often refer to this technique as “flap surgery.”

During the procedure, the dentist will clean all pockets and remove the deposits while the gum is lifted. The gums will then be sutured to fit tightly around the teeth.

This procedure is more invasive and will contain swelling up to 24-48 hours afterward. Antibiotics will be prescribed, and a diet of liquid and soft foods will need to be maintained for up to 2 weeks.

Bone and Tissue Grafts

If the advancement of gum disease causes loss of bone or gum tissue, then the dentist may recommend grafts in addition to the pocket reduction surgery. Natural or synthetic bone will be placed to fill in the areas of loss to promote growth.

There is a technique called “guided tissue regeneration.” A mesh-like material is inserted between the gum tissue and the bone to prevent any tissue from growing where bone should be to allow for proper re-growth of the bone.

For soft tissue grafts, either tissue from other areas of the mouth, or a synthetic material, will be used. This material is for placement over any exposed roots.

The bone and tissue grafting are the most invasive of the periodontal treatments. The patient will be instructed to avoid using straws and required to maintain a liquid and soft-food diet for up to 8 weeks.

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The dental professionals at Brookstone Dental Care, located in Phoenix, are trusted and highly recommended for the treatment of periodontal disease. Schedule an appointment with our dentist near you in Northern Phoenix, Tatum Blvd, Bell Rd, North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Desert Ridge, Summit Ridge, and Encantobella.

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